Is it Time to Cut Down That Tree?

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Like all living things, trees can get sick and eventually die. Sometimes it’s a long process, which means that branches and limbs may die before the tree is fully dead. Dead and dying limbs can be very dangerous. High winds, heavy snow and gravity can cause these limbs to fall, damaging property and endangering the lives of people and animals.

While brittle limbs can be removed, sometimes it’s best to remove the entire tree. Here are some telltale signs that it might be time to have a dying tree removed:

  • Cracks on the trunk or main limbs
  • Sawdust at the trunk base and root zone
  • Hollow or decayed areas
  • Insect infestation
  • Discolored, wilted or dead leaves
  • Large areas of loose bark or bark falling off the tree
  • Fungi growing at the base of the tree

Depending on the location of a dying tree, cutting it down may be the best solution to avoid damage and danger. The earlier these signs are detected, the better the chances of saving the tree.

If you notice any of these symptoms on your trees, call the tree healthcare professionals at Cartwright Tree Care for an expert opinion about whether the tree can be treated and saved.  Give us a call at 816-965-6758 to schedule a consultation.

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