Are there any trees that look great in winter?

Have you ever found it difficult to enhance the look of your yard or garden in the winter? According to the Arbor Day Foundation blog, it’s actually a pretty common problem among homeowners and garden enthusiasts. Trees lend us their beautiful colors in spring, summer, and fall, but are there any trees that will look great in winter, too?

Lacebark Elm

The Arbor Day Foundation suggests that you look for trees with berries, colorful bark, or an interesting branch pattern when you are searching for winter trees to add to your yard. One suggestion is a Lacebark Elm. The trunk of a Lacebark Elm has bark that flakes naturally in shades of gray, tan, and red and works well zones 5 to 9 (Missouri is in zone 6).

Sargent Crabapple and Snowdrift Crabapple trees work well for those who prefer a tree with berries. Sargent Crabapples feature bright red fruit that stands out in winter, especially against the snow. They work well for those who have small yards due to their low height. Snowdrift Crabapple produces a more orange-red fruit and actually works well for all seasons since it thrives in sunlight. Both of these crabapples are great choices zone 6.

These are just a few suggestions of trees you can use to enhance the look of your yard during the winter months. You can see more suggestions on the Arbor Day Foundation blog.

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Photo credit: Mississippi State University Office of Agricultural Communications.

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