Prepping Your Trees For an Ice Storm

‘Tis the season. Not just to be jolly, though.

It is the season of ice storms. Along preparing for one of the most wonderful times of year, you may want to also take some precautions when it comes to caring for your trees, as ice storms cause enormous stress on them.

Ice storms, as you can imagine, pose a great threat to trees. Millions of dollars are spent in damages each year from trees or large branches snapping from the cold and falling on homes, cars, or property. But it’s not just from ice that these trees snap or fall, but all the many elements of weather that causes these trees stress.

From stem failure, where the tree is week from previous injury or damage, to just a literal blow-over, trees fall for different reasons. Obviously, you can’t control nature, therefore you can’t guarantee a tree won’t go down in severe weather. Sometimes, however, falling trees can be prevented.

To find out how, stay tuned for our next blog post…


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